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Looking to attend or promote an event?
You’ve come to the right place.
Wenziton lists every event regardless of size, category, time or place.
If you’re a user
Search our global events database,
refining your criteria by location, time, date, category and ticket price
to find an event somewhere near where you live or are travelling to.
Create a profile to stay in touch with events that interest you and
to find out about changes, updates and cancellations.
Can’t find an event that you know is happening?
Tell the organisers to make the most of this free listing site.
If this is not possible,
create a listing for the event yourself to share the information with others having similar interests.
If you’re hosting an event
Listing a public event on Wenziton is easy and FREE..
Simply register and fill out the details of your event.
You can adds links to your website,
share all the necessary information and log back in to make edits and
notify interested parties of changes and updates.
There are no restrictions on listing an event (so long as it’s legal and socially acceptable!) and
you can post the details up to one year in advance.
We’ve made it so simple - you can have your listing live in minutes!
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